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Hanan Al-Khalaifah; Afaf Al-Nasser
•    Prof. DSc. Oleksandr Trofymchuk, UKRAINE 
•    Prof. Dr. hab. oec. Baiba Rivza, LATVIA
Providing an affordable high quality animal protein, a high chance for investment, job opportunities and a great source of income for the small holders, poultry production/farming remains as a stable investment all over the world. However the recent pandemic - Corona Virus Disease -19 (Covid-19) affected the sustainability of various animal production sectors worldwide and in developing countries and the influences of these are more severe. Excluded from the mandatory closures are those industries involved in the production and distribution of food, including dairy and poultry. While the food supply chains continued to operate, even though the shocks imposed on the economy by the pandemic have impacted all components of the agrifood sector. The repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic is to be reviewed on poultry production in developing countries in terms of causes and possible solutions to decrease and improve profits thus public and private sectors are capable to facilitate the restoration of the poultry industry to its economic and social position to remedy these problems. Even though Poultry sustainability was shaken badly; resulting severe economic loss, being a leaner fat; chicken meat consumption and egg have been benefited in sustaining the health and thus increasing the number of recovery cases of Covid-19.
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The authors would like to extend her sincere thanks to the managements of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), Kuwait United Poultry Company (KUPCO), and Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) for their continuous financial and technical support.
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