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Klavdij Logozar
•    Prof. DSc. Oleksandr Trofymchuk, UKRAINE 
•    Prof. Dr. hab. oec. Baiba Rivza, LATVIA
Among the support activities of any waste management actions, the optimal logistics processes are essential to assure time and cost-effective recycling scheme. Companies are recognizing that reverse logistics is a component of the total logistics management process that is growing in importance. Reverse logistics services are part of a trend toward incorporating environmental concerns into business philosophy and everyday business operation of manufacturing firms. An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of processes and practices that enable companies to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency. The EMS provides the direction to reverse logistics and environmental activities.
The author first discusses the general principles of reverse logistics in the manufacturing firms, which could clarify the importance of reverse logistics activities. The author then concentrates on the importance of EMS in helping companies to achieve their environmental goals. Finally, the EMS and reverse logistics activities in Port of Koper are presented.
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Proceedings of 22nd International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2022
22nd International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2022, 06-08 December, 2022
Proceedings Paper
STEF92 Technology
International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM
SWS Scholarly Society; Acad Sci Czech Republ; Latvian Acad Sci; Polish Acad Sci; Serbian Acad Sci and Arts; Natl Acad Sci Ukraine; Natl Acad Sci Armenia; Sci Council Japan; European Acad Sci, Arts and Letters; Acad Fine Arts Zagreb Croatia; Croatian Acad Sci and Arts; Acad Sci Moldova; Montenegrin Acad Sci and Arts; Georgian Acad Sci; Acad Fine Arts and Design Bratislava; Turkish Acad Sci.
06-08 December, 2022
reverse logistics; environmental management systems; Port of Koper

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