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T. Oitseva; M. Mizernaya; O. Kuzmina; A. Bissatova; N. Zimanovskaya
•    Prof. DSc. Oleksandr Trofymchuk, UKRAINE 
•    Prof. Dr. hab. oec. Baiba Rivza, LATVIA
Currently the resources of rare metals, especially Ta, Nb, Be, and Li used in high-tech industries, are of great demand in Kazakhstan and worldwide. Main Ta, Nb, Be, Li, Sn, and W deposits in the Great Altai territory are hosted by Permian granitic belts that formed during the Late Paleozoic-Early Mesozoic orogeny, in a postcollisional setting. The largest metallogenic structure of the Kalba-Narym granitoid belt accommodates many genetically different deposits and occurrences. Pegmatitic rare-metal deposits have vertically and laterally zoned distribution patterns, with mineralization mostly localized in the tectonically active Central Kalba ore district. The richest spodumene and pollucite pegmatites are located in the upper parts of the ore zone. The mineralization types make up the following sequence: barren oligoclase-microcline pegmatites followed by microcline-quartz-muscovite (Nb, Be), microcline-albite (Ta, Sn, Be), albite (Ta, Nb, Be, Sn), albite-spodumene greisen (Li, Ta, Be, Sn), and cleavelandite-lepidolite-pollucite-spodumene (Ta, Li, Cs, Sn) zones. The zoned patterns of rare-metal mineralization have to be taken into account in further studies.
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We greatly appreciate fruitful discussions with B. Dyachkov, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and A. Vladimirov, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who both sadly passed away in 2021. We also wish to thank our colleagues Smirnov S.Z. and Mizernaya M.A. for collaboration and valuable advice. Thanks are extended to Kuzmina O.N., Khromykh S.V., Annikova I.Y., and Kotler P.D who contributed a lot to the joint geological and geochronological research. Analysts from the IRGETAS engineering laboratory and from the V.S. Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy (Novosibirsk) have performed brilliant analytical work.
The study was supported by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan (grants AR08856325).
Proceedings of 22nd International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2022
22nd International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2022, 04 - 10 July, 2022
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International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM
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04 - 10 July, 2022
zoning, pegmatite, granite, rare metal, Kalba area, tectonic block