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View details ANALYSIS OF VEGETATION COVERAGE OF GRASSLANDS BASED ON NDVI VALUES. CASE STUDY: POIANA RUSCA MOUNTAINS NDVI, satellite images, GIS, grasslands Loredana Copacean; Cosmin Popescu; Luminita Livia Barliba; Mihai Simon; Lumini More ... In any terrestrial area, but especially in the case of mountainous areas, the sp More ... 2023 343
View details AN IN VITRO STUDY: CITRUS LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL AS AN ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT AGAINST MICROBIAL INFECTIONS Citrus lemon, antimicrobial, Gram-positive, GC-MS Iuliana Popescu; Diana Monica Obistioiu; Anca Hulea; Doris Floares; Isidora R More ... A genuine and urgent need is to prevent and treat bacterial diseases primarily c More ... 2023 215
View details ANALYZING THE GROWTH PATTERNS OF STERLET (ACIPENSER RUTHENUS) VS. HYBRID STURGEON (A. RUTHENUS, FEMALE X A. GUELDENSTAEDTII, MALE) FINGERLINGS REARED WITHIN A RECIRCULATING AQUACULTURE SYSTEM growth dynamic, RAS, sterlet, sturgeon hybrid Adrian Grozea; Sorin Furdean; Dacian Lalescu; Ioana Grozea; Silvia Patruica Reusing and recirculating the water in which aquatic organisms are cultivated is More ... 2023 298
View details APPROACHING THE PHYTHOPHTORA INFESTANS PATHOGEN IN POTATO CULTURE BY BIOLOGICAL MEANS Phytophtora infestans, biopreparation, control, severity, efficacy CARABET Alin; Dan Manea; Bogdan Gheorghescu; Ioana Grozea; Ramona Stef In the current context, in which the European Union, through various projects, r More ... 2023 263
View details ASSESSMENT OF CHEMICAL AND NUTRITIONAL QUALITY OF RAPESEED MEAL INTENDED FOR MONOGASTRIC LIVESTOCK FEEDING rapeseed meal, nutritional value, pigs, poultry, animal nutrition Ionela Hotea; Catalin Sirbu; Ana Maria Plotuna; Emil Tarziu; Isidora Radulov Rapeseed meal is a valuable source of protein for animals feeding. It can be use More ... 2023 230
View details BEHAVIOUR OF ANIMAL-ORIGIN GELATINS TO ARTIFICIAL AGEING IN THE PROCESS OF RESTORING GILDED WOOD gelatin, gilded wood, conservation, restoration Lucretia Miu; Cristina Car?ote; Emanuel Vacalie; Mihaela Niculescu; Nicolae Catr More ... Animal-origin glues are adhesives made by boiling animal tissues for a long time More ... 2023 274
View details BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS FROM HORSERADISH FOR BIOTECHNOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS horseradish, bioactive compounds, peroxidases-green biocatalyst, pharmaceuticals, functional-food Magdalena Rosu; Monica Dragomirescu The horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) is a root vegetable that belongs to the bo More ... 2023 204
View details CHARACTERISATION OF GENETIC DIVERSITY OF SOME BREAD WHEAT GROWN IN SEMI-ARID ENVIRONMENT IN ALGERIA USING SSR MARKERS Triticum aestivum, PIC, Microsatellites, Genetic diversity KARA Karima; Malika RACHED-KANOUNI; Alia ZERROUKI The assessment of genetic diversity is a key step in evaluating the adaptation o More ... 2023 214
View details CHEMICAL AND RHEOLOGICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF HOMEMADE SOY MILK soymilk, rheological characterization, moisture, fat, protein content Lia-Sanda Rotariu; Sofia Popescu; Adrian Varsandan; Manuel-Ovidiu Amzoiu; Flor More ... The objective of this work was to evaluate the physical, chemical and rhelogical More ... 2023 232
View details COCONUT MILK-BASED CHEESE ALTERNATIVES - ANTIOXIDANT, NUTRITIONAL AND SENSORY PROPERTIES coconut milk, vegan cheese alternatives, polyphenols, antioxidant activity Delia-Gabriela Dumbrava; Aurica Breica Borozan; Diana-Nicoleta Raba; Viorica-Mi More ... Vegan alternatives to cheeses are in growing demand in European markets as more More ... 2023 271