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View details MAKING PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION SUSTAINABLE: A GLOBAL CHALLENGE FOR LEGISLATIVE POLICIES, CASE LAW AND CONTRACTUAL PRACTICES. GUIDELINES FOR CHANGING MARKETS sustainable production and consumption; global challenge; legislative policies; changing markets; goals 2030; agenda 2030; energy; clean technologies International authors FOREWORD

‘Climate change is about all of us. We have the duty to act and the More ...
2023 564
View details THEORETICAL MODEL FOR EVALUATING THE VIBRATIONAL OUTPUT AND THUS THE URBAN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF A PUBLIC TRANSIT RAILWAY TRACK urban railway transit, vibration, environmental impact Stoyo Todorov; Kina Kutsarova-Dimitorova; Matey Iliev Urban railway transit is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendl More ... 2023 344
View details THE AUDITOR'S ROLE IN CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING sustainability, ESG, non-financial reporting, environmental protection, CSR Angelica Buboi (Danaila) The development of the global economy cannot be achieved in the current context More ... 2023 292
View details SAFETY AND SECURITY PLANNING AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT IN CASE OF AN EARTHQUAKE IN BULGARIA disaster management, earthquake, natural hazards, risk, Bulgaria Petya Trifonova; Metodi Metodiev; Dimcho Solakov; Stela Simeonova Security planning and disaster management are critical areas of focus in Bulgari More ... 2023 293
View details OPPORTUNITIES FOR FINANCING THE DEVELOPMENT OF LAGGING REGIONS IN THE CONTEXT OF LANDSCAPE VALORIZATION socio-economic value, landscape valorization, funding opportunities, regional economy, regional development, local-self government Metodi Ivanov The implementation of the necessary studies to assess the potential for local so More ... 2023 207
View details INTERNATIONAL LEGAL REGULATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION DURING ARMED CONFLICT AND THE POSSIBILITY OF ITS APPLICATION IN UKRAINE Environmental Protection, Armed Conflict, Environmental Damage, Environmental Protection during Armed Conflict Liudmyla Golovko; Olena Gulac; Roman Oleksenko The purpose of the article is to analyze international legal documents regarding More ... 2023 258
View details ESTIMATION OF LAND ASSET AND ECOSYSTEM VALUES IN BROWNFIELDS: SUSTAINABLE VALUATION METHODOLOGICAL APPROACH land asset valuation, discount value, degraded sites, ecosystem services, revitalization Juris Burlakovs; Zane Vincevica-Gaile; Maija Fonteina-Kazeka; Elina Paula Puzule More ... The circular economy implementation demands following sustainability principles. More ... 2023 203
View details ENVIRONMENTALLY CONDITIONED CONFLICTS AND THE EMERGENCE OF DYSFUNCTIONAL STATES environmentally conditioned conflicts, dysfunctional state, natural resource, natural resources depletion Vladimir Cech ; Robert Istok The issue of environmentally conditioned conflicts is extremely topical in the c More ... 2023 187
View details DEVELOPMENT OF RESEARCH ON BIOECONOMY INDUSTRIES IN LATVIA research, smart specialization strategy, bioeconomy, development Irina Pilvere; Ilze Upite; Aleksejs Nipers; Aija Pilvere The knowledge-based bioeconomy has been prioritized through European Union (EU) More ... 2023 261
View details COMPARISON OF THE ENERGY PERFORMANCE OF BUILDINGS BASED ON MONTHLY AND HOURLY STEPS OF CALCULATION energy performance of buildings; monthly step of calculation; hourly step of calculation Dagmar Richtrova; Lenka Prokopova As of 1.1.2023, a legal obligation under Decree No. 264/2020 Coll., Section 4, p More ... 2023 229