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Daina Vasilevska; Baiba Rivza
•    Prof. DSc. Oleksandr Trofymchuk, UKRAINE 
•    Prof. Dr. hab. oec. Baiba Rivza, LATVIA
In the practice of leading countries, digital transformation implies the industry principle of supporting the introduction of new technologies. At the same time, programs and projects can be built both on the principle of introducing any one promising group of technologies in several industries, where it is especially relevant, and provide for the digital transformation of a particular industry through the forced introduction of many technologically heterogeneous solutions that are in demand in a given sector of the economy or social sphere. Digital transformation contributes to solving systemic problems in industries, reorganizing labor and automating routine tasks. Thus, in the electric power industry, the number of accidents at infrastructure facilities is reduced, in construction - the level of injuries at the construction site. Digital products improve coordination within and between organizations and reduce transaction costs. For example, platform solutions in logistics reduce the role of intermediaries, while expanding the possibilities for communication with end users. The digital transformation of agriculture is largely based on the integrated implementation of a number of digital technologies within the interrelated concepts of precision farming and smart agriculture. The purpose of this study is to determine the level of digitalization of agriculture in Latvia. Determine which digital technologies are most in demand in the country's agriculture, study the change in demand for advanced digital technologies, and identify the main constraints for the development of digital agriculture.
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The paper was financially supported by the National Research Programme project INTERFRAME- LV.
Proceedings of 22nd International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2022
22nd International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2022, 04 - 10 July, 2022
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International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM
SWS Scholarly Society; Acad Sci Czech Republ; Latvian Acad Sci; Polish Acad Sci; Serbian Acad Sci and Arts; Natl Acad Sci Ukraine; Natl Acad Sci Armenia; Sci Council Japan; European Acad Sci, Arts and Letters; Acad Fine Arts Zagreb Croatia; Croatian Acad Sci and Arts; Acad Sci Moldova; Montenegrin Acad Sci and Arts; Georgian Acad Sci; Acad Fine Arts and Design Bratislava; Turkish Acad Sci.
04 - 10 July, 2022
digital platform, industry digitalization, farm management, smart farming